Your choice  fo rcustom garment design  has finally arrived! Korvette Fashion Designs LLC is here to teach and provide exquisite services like ; pattern drafting, draping,  garment sample production, up-cycling already existing garments,  and custom original design services for special occasion. Starting with a idea and  ending with a custom garment is just routine around here. All production is developed in the USA.  Economical growth, sustainability, and providing future jobs to OUR community is our passion.  Focusing on the non-traditional and traditional families, and youth development  is our primary focus'. From a new born baby to a seasoned grandma, Korvette Fashion Designs  can produce a custom garmtent for any age ridder.

Retail waist is a growing problem world wide . As consous designers we crave and research the development of Biocoture and reycling materials and ingrediants  implemented into our custom designs.  We take pride finding a solution in thiss horrific waste problem.  Utilizing  sustainable fabric into all future designs is the beging of our Fashion Rescue plan.  This will in fact aid in the reduction of waste and help reduce the toxic carbon footprint growing wirthin the fashion/design industry. inquire about out custom Up-cycling sercices. Up cycling is the most vast way to spread recycling habits through fashion. A virtual E-class and book teaching how to  draft basic garment block patterns then use them to  up-cycle old or outdated fabric and  clothing laying around, will be availble soon!.

lets ride this experiance.


KRYSCORVETTE aims to provide outstanding custom sustainable design options and services with each customer and  client experience, an  individual  at a time. As a company we aim to take care of our employees, respect our suppliers and reward our shareholders. Striving to develop a new refreshing way of innovation through design.​