Christine Corvette Thomas was to  born in Orange County California to a Liberian  and Sierra leoneian  mother which made her first generation.  Growing up with such beautiful strong  African culture, she spent most of her early years of life living between Virginia (where her father lives)and California. Finally settling in California Thomas made her debut on the fashion scene at the age tender age of 23.

Although She gained acceptance into F.I.D.M in 2008 the financial hardship made it impossible for her to gain training from the institution. Following her F.I.D.M's councilors advice, Thomas was determined to overcome and pursued  her fashion training at a local college. While completing her A.A. Degree and the colleges fashion design and merchandising curriculum, Christine managed to help build up the fashion department where she organized and lead the design club as vice president in 2013 and president in 2014. Christine oversaw a number of events from Fashion shows, open house fashion presentations, and charitable workshops for less fortunate children and Art students.

She started her company KRYSCORVETTE only 2 years into attending Chaffey college in 2013.  First showing with RAW Natural Born Artist Company,  resulted in Thomas being nominated to designer of the year with the company then launching her  into the  industry.   Opertunites  and networking advancement paid off where she landed an internship with celebrity designer AshtonMicheal in 2014. After she gave birth to her daughter Thomas immediately jump back into the scenes and connected with Antonique Smith with a few custom kryscorvette designs featured in her music video debut in 2014. Which was then later nominated for a Grammy! A few months later Christine  landed a more stable position with celebrity ProjectRunway designer  Michael Costello. Using the time spent working with Ashtonmicheal and MIchael Costello Thomas  continues her progressive movement with her  company Kryscovette. Thomas' brand offers exclusive capsule collections that are available   around the globe, wardrobe styling and custom one-of-a-kind pieces combined with artistic vision and the true understanding of fit and fabrication, Thomas creates empowering pieces that test the time not challenged by seasons. Kryscorvette  combines avant guard ready to wear garments with glamour edge and fine tailoring for the all the fashion fearless.   

Kryscorvette is located in the heart of Southern California and is  available by appointment only. Thomas caters to those looking for amazingly different custom pieces in addition to c
urrent collection items. Purchases and rentals are available with options to alter or order custom garments.